We support job seekers with disabilities to find integrated, competitive employment and support businesses to diversify their workforce to include more employees with disabilities.


 At Inclusive Networking, we share stories + support people with disabilities to be gainfully employed and included in their communities through services including Discovery, Job Development, Ongoing Supports and Trainings.


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Nicole is very passionate about supporting job seekers in finding meaningful, competitive employment as well as providing support and innovative training to employers, employment specialists, and job coaches to create more diverse and inclusive work environments.


Social Media Consultant

Jean helps with social media by taking, editing, and posting pictures. She also enjoys speaking to other people about disability viewpoints at trainings and events. She is dual enrolled this year at Orono Public Schools and Duquesne University. She is interested in pursuing a career in mass media.


Inclusive Employers Grant Program Coordinator

Paige is honored to work at Inclusive Networking as the Inclusive Employers Grant Program Coordinator. Paige’s goal is to ensure everyone of all ages and abilities has access to meaningful activities in life- whether employment, relationships, recreation, education, etc. She recently earned her B.S. in ‘An Exploration of the Social Construction of Dis/Ability and its Implications’ from the University of Minnesota. Paige has several years of experience working as a Healthy Relationships Educator and as a Direct Support Professional to people of various physical and cognitive abilities. She was also an active member of the Critical Disability Studies Collective at the University of Minnesota. Paige is passionate about accessibility, universal design, and bodily autonomy. She loves singing, playing instruments, gardening, and board games!

Upcoming Trainings & Events

  • Introduction to Customized Employment (2)
    Zoom Webinar
    Aug 18, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Zoom Webinar
    This training will include an overview of Customized Employment including discovery, employment plan meeting, job development and ongoing supports. This training is great for job seekers and those supporting job seekers in finding competitive, integrated employment.
  • Introduction to Job Coaching (2)
    Zoom Webinar
    Aug 25, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Zoom Webinar
    This training will include an overview of job coaching, best practices to fading, training natural supports and provide resources/tools to support your role as a job coach, supervisor, parent, employee or employer.