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Inclusive Networking offers tailored trainings for your agency’s or organization’s staff members. 

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Training: Your Role as a Job Coach or Employment Support


4 hours ; In-Person or Virtual


This training will feature scenario videos of employees and their job coaches to facilitate conversations and best practice regarding what to do/what not to do as a job coach. Training will also include interactive activities such as completing a task analysis with a featured employer, you’ll hear employer perspectives, and get access to all of our necessary forms such as shift logs and more.

Topics Covered

Topics covered in the training:

  • Overview of Job Coaching & Your Role as a Job Coach

  • Before the First Day of Work

  • Task Analysis

  • Accommodations & Modifications

  • Systematic Instruction Strategies & Scenario Work

  • Fading and Ongoing Supports

  • Employee & Employer Perspectives

  • Resources

Upcoming Trainings & Events

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