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Isadore Nut Co.

Isadore Nut Company simply sources the highest quality ingredients to hand craft the most delicious nut mixes you'll ever taste.


Humble Nut Butter

We’re proud to be an Inclusive Employer (see our Instagram page) Woman-Owned, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-Gmo and clean label. All our spices and herbs are certified Organic.


Thrive Mighty

By creating a safe and welcoming community, Thrive Mighty allows individuals to showcase their personal power by focusing on discovering and developing their abilities through social gatherings, group activities, and educational opportunities. 


Employer &

Employee Panel

The unemployment rate for individuals with disabilities continues to remain around 80%. As many organizations, advocates and employment specialists work to change this percentage, another big advocate needed to change this statistic are businesses. There are many employers that have hired individuals with disabilities and we need their support in making sure ALL businesses hire inclusively.

J-HAP's Commercial Kitchen Partners with Local Food Entrepreneurs

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