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The Inclusive Employer Box showcases five amazing Minnesota companies coming together to raise awareness about the importance of Disability Awareness Month in March.

This fabulous box contains: 

❤️  A package of Sammy’s chocolate chip cookies: A top-seller, as it’s a very secret recipe that will surely delight any cookie-lover. 

❤️  A jar of savory, Truffle Herb Walnut Butter from Humble Nut Butter. Made with organic shiitake mushrooms, truffle zest, rosemary, and other herbs and spices. 

❤️  A bag of award-winning Chai Spice Pecans from Isadore Nut Co - the perfect flavor balance of buttery pecans, warm spices and that essential crunch.  

❤️  The INCLUDE bracelet: Hand made by Inclusive Networking staff with an important message to include everyone, especially in the workforce. 


❤️  A $15 off coupon to join in a Thrive Mighty training, activity or event.


Isadore Nut Co.

Isadore Nut Co crafts delicious, nutritious and award-winning snacks and gifts lovingly hand made by people of all abilities in Golden Valley, MN  Founder Tasya Kelen became an inclusive employer with the mission to help erase the 82% unemployment and under-employment of people with disabilities.


Thrive Mighty

Thrive Mighty allows individuals to showcase their personal power by focusing on discovering and developing their abilities through social gatherings, educational opportunities, and individual and group activities. Thrive Mighty also creates opportunities for people of all abilities to learn, grow, educate others, and add value to our organization and community through custom employment opportunities.

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Sammy's Sweets

My name is Sam, and I started my very own company called Sammy's Sweets. I am a young man with autism who has a passion for baking! Sammy's Sweets aims to provide empowering work for Sam while bringing together a community that makes the world better through high-quality sweets and experiences.


Humble Nut Butter

Humble Nut Butter makes premium quality, all natural nut butters with a savory flavor profile. We're proud to be woman-owned and an inclusive employer. Our Production Assistant Tim, recently earned a promotion to Senior Production Assistant because he continues to thrive in his role; helping with labeling, packaging, and online orders.

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